Stockville Racer Update #2

Hello racers!

We’re just one week out from the 2018 Stockville! We have a few additional notes to get you ready for race day.
1. The start/finish location is at 182 Holly St, Ralston, PA. This is an old lumberyard. 
2. To reiterate from our first update, there is absolutely no camping (in a tent, in your car, etc…) on the property of the lumberyard. This was explicitly stipulated by the owners.
3. We’re expecting rain on the course throughout the week leading up to the race, and potentially some showers during race weekend. To that end, we are asking racers to bring a small bag of extra warm/dry clothes, which we will transport to midcamp. This bag is an in-case-of-emergency and NOT a substitute for your mandatory (or common sense extra) gear. There will be a point penalty for accessing this gear at midcamp, but for everyone’s safety, we want to make sure that you have it available.
4. Based on the feedback we’ve received, we will be starting Day 2 an hour early and ending the race at 3:00pm, to give everyone an extra hour to get home and ready for the week ahead. What this means, effectively, is that we’re going to operate as though daylight savings isn’t happening until the race ends — accordingly, there is no need to change your watches until you get to the finish line. 
That should be it from us until race day, but please, let us know if you have any questions in the meantime!
See you in the woods!