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One of the biggest concerns adventure racers have revolves around secure and easy bike transportation. While there are many great bike racks on the market, we believe 1Up does indeed have one leg up on the competition. With an easy to mountain system, an easier to use system to secure your bike, and bomb-proof construction, 1Up bike racks are a dream for the active traveler and racer who wants or needs to bring a bike with them on the road.

Astral Designs makes some of the best PFDs on the market. With  adventurer-comfort in mind, Astral’s life jackets are functional, comfortable, breathable, affordable, and lightweight, all while keeping you safe while in the water. What more can adventure racer ask for?

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Map boards revolutionize navigating while on a bike, and Autopilot map boards are our absolute favorite. Light, firm, and quiet these boards are the best on the market. Most importantly, Autopilot’s unique clasping system means that you can attach and remove your map board in seconds with no tools required! The best news: Rootstock Racing serves as an official Autopilot dealer!

-Our full review of Autopilot Map Boards and Ordering Information

Couch TomatoFor over a decade, The Couch Tomato has been serving the Philadelphia community, delivering delicious, organic,  and locally produced pizza and wholesome Italian food. They are tremendous supporters of the local community and we thank them for helping us feed our runners after a good day in the woods!


All adventure racers need sturdy and roomy storage space on their bikes for fuel, tools, and gear. Getting weight out of our packs and onto the bike might make the bike a bit heavier, but it makes a world of difference for the body and stamina, especially in an expedition race. Emily and Heath Brown launched DirtBags in 2015, and they have been producing a wide range of products for bike packing and adventure here in the United States since. Not only do they make amazing products, but their bags can be customized as well!

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Gossamer Gear evolved out of a backpacking trip Glen Van Peski took with his son in 1997. For the past twenty years, Glen and Gossamer Gear have been offering a range of lightweight and ultralight gear for adventurers who want to go light and fast. With various products including shelters, backpacks, trekking poles,  sleeping pads, and cookware, Gossamer Gear can help you lighten your load, which makes every step more enjoyable.



Like all good adventure racers, Jackie and Tina at InHabit Architecture and Design embody the true definition of collaboration and teamwork, integrating the client into the design process from the first conversation to the final paint stroke.


Jenkintown Chiro

Dr. Stuart Tollen has been providing his holistic chiropractic services to the greater Philadelphia area for over 25 years. A private family practitioner, Dr. Tollen has a long history of working with athletes, and as athletes ourselves,  we rely on Dr. Tollen to keep our bodies operating smoothly throughout the season.

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kanpas logo (final)In Adventure Racing, “staying found” is the only way to reach the finish line. Kanpas produces a compass that tracks faster than any other compass we have used and which comes in a variety of different housings. Beating out the competition when it comes to value, these elite, competition-ready compasses are the foundation of any good navigator’s tool-kit.

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If your maps get ruined, the adventure is over. Good navigation starts by taking care of your maps, and LOKSAK has been helping adventure racers keep their maps dry since the days of Eco Challenge with the SPLASHSAK Mapcase and aLOKSAK sealable bags. A simple, timeless, and critical piece of gear for every race you attend!

-Our full review of LOKSAK (coming soon)


There are a lot of great lights on the market, but we think Lupine Lighting is the absolute best. With amazing battery life, compact and lightweight housing, and terrific customer service, Lupine’s products will become some of your most prized pieces of gear. In addition, Lupine’s amazing mount systems allow for easy transitions and mean that you can use your light on a helmet, mounted to your bars, or as a headlamp. For anyone racing once the sun goes down, these are the lights for you!

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MyTopoMyTopo has been providing custom topographic, satellite, and aerial maps for outdoor enthusiasts, racers, and other adventurers since 1998. Rootstock Racing uses them to print maps, but we also benefit from using their terrific mapping software, Terrain Navigator Pro, which allows us to print maps using our own GPS mapping data. Considering that you can’t go anywhere in the outdoors without a map, MyTopo is a foundational partner in our mission to provide the community with adventure.


OS SystemsO.S. Systems has been designing and building drysuits right here in the United States for over 30 years. They outfit paddlers, SCUBA divers, military personnel and more, and they are dedicated to building and testing each and every suit they manufacture themselves. Their suits can be custom ordered to every individual’s desires. At Rootstock, we use the Spirit drysuit, and for those long cold paddles in expedition races it keeps us in the race and having fun. Not to mention safe.

For over thirty years, Rudy Project has been producing some of the best bike helmets and sunglasses on the market. Founder Rudy Barbazza wanted to design products that help athletes improve their performance while being “technically cool”. With helmets that keep you safe, cool, and comfortable, and glasses that allow for customized prescription lenses, Rudy Project knows what athletes and racers want and need.

SourceWith a variety of expertly designed hydration systems, SOURCE Outdoors keeps adventurers fueled for hours of exploration, training, and racing in the outdoors. With products tailored to all environments and easy maintenance, SOURCE systems are a crucial piece of gear for racers at every level. In addition, SOURCE has long valued connection to its local community, donating a portion of its proceeds to local environmental and social causes.

-Our full review of SOURCE products


ThorloWith nearly 40 years of experience, Thorlo has mastered the art of socks, and any experienced adventurer knows the importance of a good pair of socks. As seasoned racers ourselves, there are few items as important to us as a good, tough, comfortable pair of of socks to keep our most critical body parts functioning over hours or even days of running and trekking. We at Rootstock Racing thank Thorlo for years of happy feet!

-Our full review of Thorlo products