2018 Crooked Compass Adventure Trek – Racer Update #2

Greetings Rootstockers!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all this weekend for the 2018 Crooked Compass Adventure Trek!
We write now with a few last minute notes for you to keep in mind as you make your way to Buchanan State Forest on Saturday.
First, for those of you who missed the first update, you can access it here.
Second, those of you who’ve been checking weather.com as obsessively as we have know that the forecast is still a bit uncertain for this weekend. As of this past Saturday, the woods were clear of snow, and with the warmer temps over the next few days, we anticipate that anything that fell in today’s squall will melt quickly. Currently, race day is looking cold but dry — we’re hoping that holds. Please check the weather before you leave and plan your clothing and gear accordingly. We plan to have hot drinks and pizza at the finish line, so hopefully that will help warm you up when you come off the course.
Third, this race is insured through USARA. Accordingly, each participant will be required to purchase (or show) an annual license ($35) or a one-day license ($8) at check-in.
Fourth, we should hear tomorrow whether the Quality Inn in Bedford will be opening breakfast early. We’ll post on the Facebook Event Page once we have a definitive answer on that.
Fifth, a reminder that parking will be tight Saturday morning. Please follow the instructions of the volunteers directing traffic – and be nice to them!
Finally, there are more than 100 people coming out, and some great competition shaping up in a few of the divisions. Please take a look at the roster to confirm that everything is correct (particularly whether you’re racing as a team or solo – we’ve heard from several people that they inadvertently registered as solos when they meant to be on a team).
That should be it from us. We’re looking forward to seeing you all Saturday, and in the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.
See you in the woods!
Abby and Brent