Stockville Racer Update #2

Hello Rootstockers!

We are so excited for the inaugural Stockville, and we hope you are putting final touches on your preparation for what we expect to be a rugged and rewarding weekend in the woods. We spent the weekend out in Tuscarora finalizing and setting the course, and the woods are lighting up as the leaves change. We’re sure they will be even more beautiful this weekend. This said, we have some final updates about the course, gear and other notes for you to consider.

  • Camping equipment reminder: we will ONLY transport tents and stoves and a ground tarp. That’s it. Please do not try to sneak food, clothes, or other kit into this equipment. We will check it all at registration and if a tent or something feels suspiciously heavy, we will open it up or ask you to. Please respect this rule. We were tempted to make you carry everything as traditional mountain marathons do, but we were feeling nice. Don’t make us regret it 🙂
  • Mid-Camp: The field where we will be camping was recently mowed, which means there are some sharp stalks of grass. We strongly recommend bringing a tarp to protect your tents, especially if you have lightweight tents. We will have some water at Mid-Camp, though not massive amounts of it. We will prioritize water for cooking and for hot tea/chocolate (provided), and some for drinking. Depending on your route choice, we recommend arriving to Mid-Camp with some water of your own for drinking, and you should find water quickly on Day 2 when leaving Mid-Camp. We will have some snacks at Mid-Camp, but remember you need to bring enough food to sustain you for the entire weekend.
  • Hunting season: it’s in full force. Please bring something suitable for being out in the woods to identify yourself. Bright orange or something similar.
  • Pants: highly recommend long pants. The vegetation isn’t horrendous but there are still some pockets of nettles and there are some thorns and mountain laurel here and there. There is a LOT of land you might cover, so there is plenty we didn’t see. In short, your legs will likely be happier with pants.
  • Ticks: We also did find some ticks this past weekend so another reason to consider long pants, especially with the warm weather this week. Perhaps some bug spray too if you care to wear it.
  • Water: you will run into water on the course, though you may go for stretches without seeing much. Remember to bring purification/filtration of some sort – required gear.
  • Friday Night Camping: the state forest has approved camping at the start line, so feel free to come directly there on Friday night. As an FYI, Mount Union is probably the closest town of any size to the start, but it’s limited. It’s 15 minutes or so away. There is a Subway, a McDonalds, a grocery. We think there is one pizza shop and one Chinese place, and that’s about it.
  • Start/Finish Location: A reminder that we are starting in a small parking area on Bell Furnace Rd, which is off of SR2012, just to the S/SE of West Licking Creek. 40°20’58.5″N 77°48’25.2″W.
  • Weather: Right now, the weather conditions look pretty ideal for this time of year – low-mid 50s during the day, low 40s at night. Keep your fingers crossed that the forecast holds! That said, when we were there last weekend, we found ourselves surprisingly cold in our tents on Saturday morning. Plan accordingly, and don’t skimp on clothing. You’ll regret it. A puffy jacket can go a long way!

If you have any final questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. See you in the woods!