Two Rivers Racer Update #2 – 11/28/16

Welcome to race week! We’re writing now with the final update for the event (for those of you who missed the first update, you can access it here).
1. The bike drop for the 12-hour race will take place at Belmont Plateau. If you type in “Belmont Plateau Cross-Country Course, Philadelphia” into Google Maps, that’ll get you to the right spot, but instead of driving to Army Road, you’ll want to come in on Montgomery Drive (see screen shot below).  There will be two volunteers there beginning at 5:00 AM. You may leave helmets, water bottles, and food on your bikes (keep your shoes with you). Be aware that anything you leave will need to come with you when you retrieve your bikes.
2. Registration for BOTH the 5-hour race and the 12-hour race will take place at Pachella Field, at the intersection of Henry Avenue and Livezey Lane in Roxborough (also google map-able). There will be port-a-potties available there.
  • Registration for the 12-hour race will open at 5:30 AM. We will have a brief pre-race meeting at 6:30. The busses are scheduled to arrive at 6:45, and we will be departing promptly at 7:00 AM.
  • Registration for the 5-hour race will open at 9:30 AM. For those new to map-and-compass work, we will be offering a basic navigation clinic at 9:00 AM. We’ll have a brief meeting at 10:45 AM and the race will begin at 11:00 AM. There are no busses for the 5-hour.
3. Right now, race-day weather is looking very kind – high near 50 degrees and partly sunny. If that holds, we may make some changes to the required gear list on Saturday morning. For now, plan to bring everything that’s listed on the website.
4. This is a USARA-sanctioned event, and so everyone is required to purchase a USARA license. One-day licenses are available for $8, or you can purchase an annual license for $35. Please bring cash or check race morning.
5. Don’t forget that everyone is invited to JD McGillicuddy’s after the race for 12-hour awards, dinner, time with friends, and a screening of the Expedition Alaska Adventure Race documentary (free for racers and volunteers, $15 for guests)!