Racer Update #2 (11/26/2017)

Hello Rootstockers, and welcome to race week!

We write now with a few more details, in anticipation of Saturday’s Two Rivers Adventure Race. If you missed our first update, it’s available here.

1. Bike Drop: Middle Run Valley Parking area, at the turnaround of unnamed road off of Possum Hollow Road, Newark, DE 19711. Make sure to drop off your bike and paddle gear before coming to race check-in. There will be race personnel stationed there.

  1. Registration: 4317 South Creek Road, Chadds Ford, PA 19317. When you arrive, follow the Rootstock Racing signs to the parking lot and look for race personnel managing parking.
  1. Course Breakdown: Over the course of the race, you can expect
  • 13-27 miles on bike
  • 5-20 miles on foot
  • 8 miles on the water
  1. Gear considerations:
  • You will encounter thorns on the foot section. For the few hearty souls who might be considering bare legs, we advise long pants over shorts.
  • Please take the day-glo gear requirement seriously. Bandanas and hats are not sufficient — you need to have something that hunters can see. If you’re in need of something, we highly recommend this vest.

That’s all for now. We will be updating the team list online tomorrow. If there are any changes or updates this week, we’ll email again. Otherwise, we’ll look forward to seeing you bright and early on Saturday morning!