2017 Crooked Compass Adventure Trek – Racer Update #2


Hello adventurers!

First, for those of you who missed the first racer update, you can access it here.

Next, we have some updates for you regarding what you can expect on race day when it comes to maps and navigation. Use this information for planning purposes, and please reach out with questions; we will do the best we can to answer them!


As we note on our website, the Crooked Compass “is part-adventure racing, part-rogaining, and part-walk in the woods!” From a mapping standpoint, you can expect “Adventure Race” in that we are using USGS maps from Mytopo printed with UTM grids. Maps will be printed at 1:24,000, and declination is 10.4°W. Each participant will receive two such maps, both 8.5×11, one at registration and one more while on course. Maps will be pre-plotted.  We will also provide a supplementary trail map of the forest to be used in conjunction with the topo maps. All maps will be printed on water resistant paper.

Course Flow:

Essentially, the concept of the Crooked Compass Adventure Trek is to provide an Adventure Racing-inspired foot event that resembles a foot section in a longer adventure race. For this year’s Crooked Compass, the course is built around a mandatory loop, approximately 9-10 miles in distance. There are optional points along parts of this loop. In addition, there will be an embedded rogaine accessible from a manned, mandatory checkpoint along this loop. We will give you the map for the rogaine once you reach the manned control. You can see a course schematic below. If you complete the entire course, you can expect to travel roughly 25 miles, depending on route choice and navigational ability.

Gear Notes:

As an AR-inspired event, we DO allow altimeters; however as is usual in all adventure racing and rogaining, no GPS or pedometers are allowed, and participants may not use outside maps during the event. Racers looking to carry a garmin or some device solely for the sake of tracking race-day data may speak to us ahead of time.

We’ve had a number of questions regarding the bike helmet on the gear list. This is purely a safety measure for one section of the mandatory course; the Crooked Compass is a foot-only event. You will need a pack that can accommodate your helmet, but you may drop the helmet at the manned TA during the rogaine.

Please be prepared with your own map case, bags, preferred method of waterproofing, etc, and read through the gear list carefully for additional requirements.


 If anyone who is registered as a solo would prefer to race with a team (whether it’s someone who’s already signed up or someone who still needs to), let us know and we’ll update your division accordingly. Remember, for the 2017 Adventure Series the premiere prize package is only available to teams.

Once again, don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or concerns.

See you in the woods!